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A nation with a diverse resource base and an expanding economy, Ghana’s economy is largely built on its abundant mineral deposits which include gold, diamond, manganese, and oil. Other economic drivers are agriculture and natural resources which include forests, vast areas of arable land.

Ship and automotive construction and exportation and the production and exportation of digital technology supplies also power the economy.

Ghana is generally a safe country and has lower crime rates than its neighbours. Healthcare infrastructure is inadequate and not up to Western standards; hospitals and emergency services are somewhat deficient, and rural areas are undersupplied in terms of healthcare facilities.

Despite this, those who move to Ghana greatly enjoy the lifestyle they will find in the country. It is not only safe but also warm and hospitable with many business opportunities, and the nation has seen an influx of Black Diaspora in recent years. The rich history, fast-growing economy, stabilised currency, beautiful nature, and more are attractive to expats and Diaspora alike.

CA Global has been operating in recruitment in Africa for 15 years. Highly skilled local, Diaspora, and expatriate professionals are needed for mid- to senior-level positions in various sectors across the continent. Go to our Africa Jobs portal to find the latest jobs in Ghana.

Job Reference: SRBLR-JUR-Niger

Job Reference: SRBLR-JUR-Niger

Job Reference: KMBLR3

Western Africa
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Job Reference: KMBLR3

Job Reference: FDS01

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