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Egypt has maintained an economy of stability and growth and has experienced nonstop development for quite some time. Despite this, it is still a poor country, with a large portion of the population living below the breadline.

The key exports of Egypt are natural gas, non-petroleum products such as ready-made clothes, cotton textiles, medical and petrochemical products, cement, steel, ceramics, and so much more. Egypt’s mineral and energy resources comprise of petroleum, natural gas, phosphates, gold, and iron ore.

Those thinking of visiting or moving to Egypt will be happy to hear that Egyptians are friendly people. And of course, Egypt is famous for attractions such as the Pyramids and other archaeological wonders, desert, and the Nile. It’s a great country for foreigners who enjoy adventure and mixing with other cultures.

An otherwise generally safe country, Egypt has seen a high level of political instability in the last decade which has resulted in riots and violence being an issue in the country.

There are several international schools, mostly in the capital of Cairo. In terms of healthcare, most residents including citizens in the lowest income bracket prefer to go for the private sector, as it is of a higher quality than public healthcare.

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