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Agriculture forms a significant part of Chad’s economy. Chad’s main industries comprise of cotton-ginning, textiles, and sugar refining. These form a significant part of Chad’s economy, along with agriculture.
In addition, the semi-desert nation is rich in gold and uranium and has also recently been recognised as an oil-exporting state.

Chad’s chief trading partners are the United States, France, Cameroon, and China.
The main languages in Chad are French and Arabic, and it is the seventh poorest nation on Earth, with limited healthcare. Due to political instability and a history of violence, security in the country is volatile and expats who move there are advised to take necessary precautions.

However, Chad is a welcoming country to foreigners. It also offers much in the way of cultural and natural attractions. Lake Chad and the Sahara Desert are just some natural wonders to be seen, and camel racing is an interesting and popular activity.

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