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Banking Jobs in Africa

CA Global’s Banking Executive Recruitment division is dedicated to recruiting high calibre Financial Services professionals in banking and finance sectors across the African Continent. Professionals can find positions on our dedicated Banking job board.

Our Africa Banking Recruitment team is made up of qualified and industry-experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the skills and expertise required for Banking Jobs. Over the 15 years that CA Global has been a recruitment organisation in Africa, we have built a reputation for excellence among our clients, which include some of the world’s largest corporations.

As a result of our reputation and our extensive network in Africa, we have the advantages of a vast client network and candidate contacts. This enables us to deliver the best candidates within investment banking, retail banking, securities, microfinance, development banking, wealth management, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and insurance sectors.

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Job Reference: FDSBLR020

Northern Africa
Posted 4 months ago

Job Reference: AAL0057

Job Reference: KMCDT01

Job Reference: SFBLR23

Northern Africa
Posted 5 months ago

Job Reference: AAL0051

Northern Africa
Posted 7 months ago

Job Reference: AAL0045

Job Reference: SFBLR21

Job Reference: FDSBLR017

Job Reference: SFBLR20

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