Message from the Group MD

Bradley Barr

Bradley Barr (MD)

About CA Global

CA Global started as a small team in 2007 and due to the growing demand for commodities across Africa, the startup phase concentrated on mining recruitment in Africa. We successfully began mapping the mining industry and candidates across the continent and within a short period we then extended this model to other sectors: Oil & GasEngineering, ConstructionBanking, Financial, Insurance, Agriculture, Commodities, FMCG, Manufacturing and Hospitality. Today we have 40+ recruiters based in South Africa, Mauritius, Angola, Mozambique and China. The CA Global Group carries out the following services:  Executive Search, Permanent Placements, Contract / Temporary Placements, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Oil Rig Personnel Management. CA Global Headhunters has excelled in the headhunting space across Africa.

All CA Global employees believe in our Mission and Vision Statement

CA Global Mission & Vision

Why CA Global methodology was setup to focus on Africa?

Back in 1999 and leading up to 2006, while recruiting and working in Europe, I noticed how organisations were focusing their investments into Asia, particularly the Chinese markets and that this was becoming a notable trend. At the same time, China was racing for commodities and starting to focus intensely on African countries that needed a tradeoff of infrastructure for commodities.

Due to colonialism, dictatorships, civil wars, exploitation, poverty and the financial collapse in 2009, Europe, Asia and the USA looked to diversify their investments across Africa, resulting in a vast increase in the recruitment. This was particularly the case in the recruitment of the unemployed youth and graduates who are instrumental in continuing the recruitment life cycle.

With increasing company start-up and investment and the increasing demand for skills, the demand of services for Headhunting and recruiting in Africa has also risen. The real difficulty is tapping into those graduate markets.

So what does this mean for companies starting up and operating in Africa who require a large team of expatriates?

Higher investments are needed (especially with comparison to European markets), and when higher investments are needed, consequently, the investment risk becomes higher too. The higher cost is mainly due to business requiring a higher percentage of expatriates to train and mentor locals over a 2 to 5 year period.

If an effective recruitment and training plan is implemented correctly from the start, whereby the expat team is tasked with training local citizens, there will be long term benefits. The other side of this is that, at times, companies have tended to shortcut the plan and find themselves sitting with major problems 5 years down the line with no local skills to takeover because they did not allow for the successful transfer of skills. Depending on seniority, training a new employee can take up to 5 years and elements such as age, cultural background, education and language preferences are just some of the crucial elements to be considered.

Because of the booming industries across Africa, the demand for skills means that companies are always running the high risk of losing new talent to competitors, and therefore long-term development programs for growth are critical for retaining staff.


What is a Headhunter?

Headhunter is a recruitment term informally referring to recruiters. Headhunting has come to play a strategic and valuable role for sourcing compatible staff. When you’re in the market for a new job, a professional headhunter can streamline the process for you. The headhunter will do all the research and point you towards appropriate and relevant opportunities.  The headhunting process cost is free for the job seekers, since the headhunter’s fee is paid by the employer once you are hired.

With the knowledge and experience that we have at CA Global Headhunters, we confidently map the market to identify key players and their personalities.With the right headhunting methodology, it is possible to source the best candidates that are highly complementary and fitting for the job or operation at hand.

Bearing in mind that the main motive to entice candidates is not solely financial, additional motives included are concerned with growth, seniority, new challenges and other holistic attributes.  More importantly, headhunting is not mainly about ‘poaching’ staff; It’s about growing candidates’ careers as well as assisting companies achieve their true potential and goals.

Our staff are fully trained and constantly kept up-to-date with what’s trending in African markets.

New CA Global employees undergo a 3 month training program aimed at identifying and understanding our company polices and building their knowledge regarding Africa as a whole, as well as the industries we operate in. This approach has not only empowered our headhunters with valuable tools and know-hows, but has also positioned CA Global firmly in the Africa recruitment market with an extensive candidate database comprising professionals from all walks of life. It is this that enables us to provide our clients with the best sought after talent required for their business success.