10 Global Tech Companies Investing in Africa

10 Global Tech Companies Investing in Africa The African continent has steadily been growing in investment potential. Global tech companies have realized the investment potential in Africa, and begun investing  in Africa.  Here are 10 global tech companies investing...

Tips for navigating the online job search

Tips for your online job search! Today, everything is digital. Even the job search has become an online occurrence. Gone are the days people paged through the help wanted section of the newspaper to find work. Now, with the click of the button, you can find any and...

Copper Mountain Mining bid on Altona Mining

  It has been announced that Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CCMC) has tabled a $70M all-share bid for Australian company Altona Mining Limited. This Australian mine houses the Cloncurry copper-gold property, a 19,200-tonnes-per-day open pit mine comprised of four...

Fowzia Gamiet

Fowzia Gamiet

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