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Our Africa Recruitment team understand African corporate search requirements, diverse cultures and critical recruitment timeliness for business in Africa. We incorporate our uniquely designed online search tools to find the best fit candidate. Our tools provide a great advantage to the Africa recruitment search team to look beyond skills and experience giving clients an analysis of the Africa market to create a candidate specification with the right culture, effectively giving long-term value and performance for our client’s needs.


“Africa Executive Search” Team works in close conjunction with client organizations to facilitate the process of talent acquisition, focusing on C-Level Suite, VP/Director and senior-level leadership.The Africa Retained Search Team have the ability/expertise/capacity to provide clients with access to a selection of the best talent from across Africa within a short time-frame. The Corporate Africa Board Search team has experience in headhunting board of directors who understand the challenging governance requirements in Africa.

Optimized-Africa Job Board

Our  Africa Jobs Board is a dedicated African employment search engine. “Africa Jobs” online search portal enables candidates to search by keywords and location or browse the jobs by industry or country.

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  • Liberia 78%
  • Uganda 42%
  • Mozambique 28.5%
  • Angola 26%
  • Tanzania 17.5%
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