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Novas posições/vagas na area de Finanças em Angola

Oi tudo, aqui está algumas novas posições/vagas na area de Finanças em Angola. (Atenção – as posições/vagas estão abertos apenas para cidadãos angolanos) Nosso cliente é uma empresa de prestacao de serviço para empresa de petróleo e gás com operações em Angola....

Ghana’s Power Sector on the steady rise

With plans set in place and ready to go, Ghana’s Power Sector is going to be one of the most efficient in all of Africa. By 2020 it’s expected that Ghana will become one of the most efficient power producer’s in all of Africa. Speaking at the Global...

Africa is home to large off-grid populations

With masses of people living with no connection to their national electric grid, Africa is home to one of the world’s largest off-grid populations.  No wonder so many people in Africa turn to dangerous forms of flame-based lighting. Essentially, producers of low-cost...

Top 5 Countries

“For employment opportunities in Africa”

  • Liberia 78%
  • Uganda 42%
  • Mozambique 28.5%
  • Angola 26%
  • Tanzania 17.5%
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