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Into the future with energy efficiency in AFRICA

To make our world more energy-efficient, Africa is increasing the efficiency of power generation, making use of smart grids and power-saving energy transmission and distribution, expands the use of renewable energy and develops energy-efficient solutions for power...

Additional Recruitment Categories & Jobs We Offer

We are experts in our fields and have built an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist in recruitment across Africa. Our main recruitment categories are as follows:             In addition to our main recruitment categories, we have extensive...

Mining Recruitment & Jobs in Africa

CA Mining Recruitment in Africa is a division of CA Global Headhunters and specializes in niche areas of mining recruitment within the Africa mining recruitment sector. More specifically, our sister company, CA Mining, specializes in the recruitment of mining process...

Top 5 Countries

“For employment opportunities in Africa”

  • Liberia 78%
  • Uganda 42%
  • Mozambique 28.5%
  • Angola 26%
  • Tanzania 17.5%
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