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CA Global is an international recruitment and staffing company, with its main focus on the rapidly growing markets which characterise the Africa region.

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Zimbabwe offers excellent investment returns

A couple of years back, Zimbabwe (along with Nigeria and Kenya) was ranked as one of the top 3 African countries that offer the best investment returns between 2012 and 2016. Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe were chosen predominantly based on agricultural resources,...

Agriculture in Africa, the largest economic sector

Representing 15% of Africa’s total GDP, Agriculture is Africa’s largest economic sector. Africa’s agro-ecological prospective is enormously bigger than its current output. The sad factor is that the massive potential for growth in the agriculture sector is only...

How to maximise your efficiency on Monday mornings

Having a full time job is not easy, especially when the dreaded Monday morning finally arrives and it’s sometimes hard to maintain enthusiasm. It’s almost like we just want to fast-forward to Tuesday, a friendlier weekday where we feel ready to conquer all...

Top 5 Countries

“For employment opportunities in Africa”

  • Liberia 78%
  • Uganda 42%
  • Mozambique 28.5%
  • Angola 26%
  • Tanzania 17.5%
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